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high carbon spring steel coil

High Carbon Spring Steel Three D Metals, Inc.Stainless Steel High Carbon Spring Steel Three D Metals, Inc. is proud to be able to make the claim of being one of the largest distributors of Cold Rolled High Carbon Spring Steel in North America.

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  • High Carbon Steel Sheets & Coils Steel Warehouse

    High carbon steels are very strong and typically used for coil springs and high strength parts.

  • Standard Specification for Steel Wire, High Carbon Spring

    Abstract. This specification deals with the general requirements for round carbon spring steel wire coils intended for the manufacture of mechanical springs and wire forms that are heat treated after fabrication. Heat treatment processes include austenitizing, quenching and tempering. The steel shall be made by the open hearth, basic oxygen,

  • 1095 Carbon Steel Strip 1095 Carbon Slit Coil High Carbon

    Stainless Steel Strip & Slit Coil; High Carbon Steel Strip; Specialty Metals Strip; Red Metal Strip; Wire. Stainless Steel Spring Wire; Carbon Steel Spring Wire; Specialty Metals Round Wire; Red Metals Spring Wire; Flat, Shaped & Square Wire; Capabilities. Wire Capabilities; Strip Capabilities; Traverse / Oscillate Wound Strip; Coil Edging and Skiving Capabilities

  • 1095 Spring Steel Strip Suppliers Precision Steel

    95 Carbon Spring Steel. 95 Carbon Spring Steel (AISI 1095 & ASTM A684) is a high carbon, cold rolled, annealed strip steel that is available in all sizes.

  • Heat Treatment of Spring Steels Metallurgy

    High Carbon ‘Tempered’ Spring WireThe high carbon steel (Table 12.8) is hardened by quenching in oil and tempering in a lead bath. Tempered wire is used largely for springs up to 12.5 mm diameter wire. It is then coiled. These are general purpose all types of coil springs when stresses are not too higher (> 552 MNm 2). Some other high carbon springs are made as given in Table 12.9.

  • High Carbon Spring Steel Wire With Coil Packing Buy High

    high carbon spring steel wire with coil packing All the raw material are supplied by Bao Steel and Sha Steel, with skillful workers,rich experience management and first class equipment, high quality products will be guaranteed.

  • 1095 Spring Steel Sheet, Blue Temper, AMS

    Made from a high carbon 1095 hardened and tempered spring steel Precision Brand's blue tempered shim is "Branded" with everything the user needs to know clearly marked right on the materialmaterial type, material thickness, and lot # for full traceability

  • Spring Steel Stock 1095, 1050, & 1074

    Lapham Hickel Steel stocks the largest selection of spring steel in the country from .002" thick through .250". Grades include 1050, C1074/75, C1095. Contact us today!

  • Alloy Steel 5160 Continental Steel & Tube Company

    Alloy Steel 5160, also sold as AISI 5160, is a high carbon and chromium spring steel. It offers users outstanding toughness, a high level of ductility, and excellent fatigue resistance. Alloy Steel 5160 is in use in the automotive field in a number of different heavy spring applications, especially for leaf springs.

  • Springs > ENGINEERING

    Alloy Spring Steel These spring steels are used for conditions of high stress, and shock or impact loadings. They can withstand a wider temperature variation than high carbon spring steel and are available in either the annealed or pre tempered conditions.

  • HDMB Spring Steel Wire High Carbon Steel Wire

    HDMB Spring Steel Wire Hard Drawn Spring Steel Wire (HDMB) has a carbon content > 0.5%. Because of the higher carbon content and manufacturing process of spring steel, this material is stronger and suitable for parts subjected to high stress and/or frequent stress repetitions.

  • 0.003" x 25' Coil High Carbon Spring Steel Feeler Gauge

    Made from 1/2" wide, C1095 close grain, high carbon spring steel; Material is ground and polished to precision tolerances; Thickness is clearly marked every 6" in metric and decimal; Measures 1/2" wide by 25' long by 0.003" thick; Steel feeler gage is used in most general maintenance and tool and die

  • High Carbon Spring Steel Wire With Coil Packing Buy High

    high carbon spring steel wire with coil packing All the raw material are supplied by Bao Steel and Sha Steel, with skillful workers,rich experience management and first class equipment, high quality products will be guaranteed.

  • Carbon Steel 1050 – Rolled Metal Products Stainless

    AISI 1050 Steel (UNS G10500) in Coil Form. Description. AISI 1050 is a high carbon, cold rolled steel containing approximately 0.50% carbon that can be hardened by heat treatment to a maximum hardness of approximately Rockwell C 58.

  • AISI 1095 Carbon Steel Spring Material Spring Engineers

    Material GroupCarbon Strip. AISI 1095 Spring Steel DescriptionSpring Engineers of Houston manufacture their AISI 1095 springs using high quality steel. The springs are cold rolled and are available in annealed or tempered conditions. Suited for high stress flat springs and hot coiled rings, AISI 1095 steel is meant for high strength and

  • "Common" sources of high carbon steel???

    Mar 23, 2013 · Very few products are likely to be made of straight, that is, unalloyed high (.75% to 1.5%) carbon steel, because for most structural purposes the low alloy steels harden better and are less brittle. I have made knives out of auto coil springs, which I believe are often SAE 5160. Not fantastic for edge holding, but superb in toughness.

  • Carbon Steel Spring Coil Baton An Ideal Self Protection

    An expandable carbon steel “spring coil” baton will provide you with a “safety zone” between you and the assailant. This spring coil baton is made out of high quality carbon steel and is capable of delivering a damaging punch to your attacker, if necessary. For those who need self protection, this steel baton is your ideal solution. Instead of carrying bulky items such as sticks, stun guns or pepper sprays.

  • 1050 Carbon Spring Steel Sheet (Cold Rolled) Precision

    50 Carbon Spring Steel Fifty Carbon, Cold Rolled Annealed Strip Steel A quality product manufactured ely for us to rigid quality standards for the purpose of greatest uniformity with Rockwell held to the medium or low side of range. 1050 carbon spring steel can be easily formed, blanked, shaped or slightly drawn, heat treated, hardened and tempered.

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