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Steel Slitting Machine | Coil Slitting LOTOS 2O19Steel coil slitting line is used for slitting the carbon steel coils and hot dip galvanized coils to prepare for the next process. 2) Hydraulic Entry Coil Car Automatic Coil Slitting Machine The car can move levelly and vertically, which is convenient for putting the steel coils into the decoiler.

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  • Coil Slitting Services Custom Steel Coil Slitting

    Slitting is a process used to cut a Master coil of metal into a number of narrower coils as the master coil runs through a set of slitting knives. During the slitting process, the metal coil can be broke for weight and packaged to your specifications.

  • coil slitting KINGREAL machinery CO., Ltd coil slitting

    The steel plate slitting machine mainly consists offeeding trolley, unwinding machine, leveling machine, slitting machine, waste edge winding machine, tensioning machine, winding machine and unloading device. What are the requirements of the slitting machine for sheet metal cutting? High performance slitters are used in applications where material flatness is critical.

  • How Does the Slitting Steel Process Work at Consolidated

    Precision coil steel slitting, often referred to as rolled steel slitting, is a process by which wide coils of metal are fed lengthwise through a slitter and cut into narrower coils. As the coils runs through the slitter, extremely sharp circular blades – one upper, and one lower – make the cuts.

  • How to avoid slit in coil slitting problems

    Mar 07, 2006 · Problems that can arise during metal slitting include poor edge quality, edge burr, edge wave, camber, crossbow, knife marks, and slit width that is out of specification. Some slitting problems can be attributed to poor metal quality; however, it is much more common for the problems to be caused by other variables and factors during the slitting process.

  • Ohio Steel Slitters Steel Coil Slitting MidWest

    MidWest Materials, Inc. is a steel service center, located in Perry, Ohio, that provides steel coil slitting services.

  • Automatic Steel Coil Slitting Line Supply with Total

    Automatic Steel Coil Slitting Line. Automatic Steel Coil Slitting Line By means of programmable logic controller (PLC) system performance is based upon the characteristics of various metal sheets, and switch high/low speed operating mode automatically. It improves efficiency and reduces maintenance dramatically. View More »

  • New & Used Slitting Lines & Slit Coil Packaging Lines

    Slitting lines, slitting lines for sale supply by Floreani & Partners, the single source for your Coil Processing Equiment needs. Slit coil packaging lines and slitters Sacma, Guida, Ocmer, Novastilmec, Rizzato and other slitting lines.

  • Andes Coil Processors

    As a leader in steel processing and slitting, you can trust Andes Coil Processors to provide precision coil slit products in a variety of metals and widths for a wide range of industries. We have the production flexibility, capacity and skill to efficiently meet your requirements.

  • Fabricating & Metalworking

    If you know the mass of your slitter, the easiest way come up with the number of cuts is +1 × thickness of steel. For example, say you are running .100 thick steel and running 9 cuts, then add one cut for scrap giving 10 ×.100 = 1.000 in mass.

  • Everything you need to know about flatteners and levelers

    When we slit a coil with crown or a thick center, the center coils on the recoiler will have a larger OD than the outer coils. However, more and more service centers are using tension leveling lines to process cold rolled steel and aluminum products. Everything you need to know about flatteners and levelers for coil processing—Part 2.

  • steel coil slitting machine, steel coil slitting machine

    Automatic Steel Coil Slitting Machine and Cutting to Length Line Function and process This equipment is a special shearing device to slit metal coils that are required by customers to process wide band steel coils by unwinding, slitting, and coiling.

  • RISHBINSlitting Machine & Cut to Length Line

    These gauge steel slitter can coil with capacities of 35 tons. They can operate at speeds of up to 60 meters per minute. RISHBIN heavy gauge steel coil slitting lines are fully automated with three slitting modes; full loop, pull through.

  • Stainless Steel Slit Coil CMC Bellwood

    Steel coil slitting is a metal cutting process where large rolls or coils of sheet metal are cut using very sharp rotary blades. To achieve straight lines, they are cut length wise into the large coil, creating narrower strips. Circular blades are responsible for making the cuts as the coil runs through the slitter.

  • Stainless Steel Slitting Scott Stainless Steel

    With either wide or narrow cuts, stainless steel coil slitting means our customers receive coils ready for their presses and can produce product with minimal scrap. Shape is Critical Since the shape of the material you receive is critical to how smoothly it will run through your processes, our stainless steel slitting always involves minimum burr, minimum camber and maximum flatness.

  • New & Used Slitting Lines & Slit Coil Packaging Lines

    Slitting lines, slitting lines for sale supply by Floreani & Partners, the single source for your Coil Processing Equiment needs. Slit coil packaging lines and slitters Sacma, Guida, Ocmer, Novastilmec, Rizzato and other slitting lines.

  • Slitting Lines Delta Steel Technologies

    Delta Steel Technologies has the slitting solution for your application. Our slitting lines provide slitting high strength material, loop slitting, heavy gauge and aluminum/stainless steel slitting. Basic slitting lines consist of an uncoiler, a slitter head and a recoiler.

  • Slitting California Steel Services

    High Precision Slitting Services for Carbon Steel Coils Steel storage and high precision slitting services to customer satisfaction California Steel Services inspects and inventories your shipment upon its arrival at our processing facility. Our slitter line provides a reliable precision in metal processing that has been trusted for many years.

  • steel coil slitter, steel coil slitter Suppliers and

    Slitting Machine Steel Coil/Roll Material Slitter Product description Our steel coil slitting line is used for slitting the steel coil to small strips with automatic control. The features we have is fast speed, high precise, stable performance and easy to operate.

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